Month: August 2019

That’s why you have to pay that much interest on your loan

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When you are thinking about borrowing, it is a very important factor when choosing what kind of interest rate loan you choose. Are you better off with a fixed interest rate loan that you can count on over a period of interest? Of course, the longer the term you borrow, the higher the interest you […]

Payday Loan Without Proof Of Income

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It is also possible to apply for a loan from a financial institution even if you do not have an employer certificate, but your income must be certified in some form. As an employee, you can also verify your wages with a bank statement, and as an entrepreneur you need to have a NAV income […]

Home Loan Cafeteria: An Opportunity Used by Few

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It is not only the state that can receive help – through the CSOK or LTP – to create a home or to repay our home loans. Whether you’re an employee or owning a business, we can take advantage of a variety of non-refundable employer support. Your workplace can help repay your loan On August […]

Can You Get A Loan In 2019 Without An Employer Certificate?

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Let’s start with the most important! 2019 hasn’t changed, financial institutions are still required by law to ask you for an employer certificate if you want to take out a personal loan. But why? Because you have to set a so-called credit limit and the creditor (the bank) can calculate it based on your income. […]